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Head Gasket Repair In Boerne, TX

The head gasket is designed to seal off fluids from leaking and mixing together. It is a thin component made of steel and has a bunch of holes in it. The head gasket sits between the engine block and cylinder heads to create an airtight seal. By doing this, the combustion reaction is able to take place safely within the cylinder and prevent different fluids like the coolant and oil from mixing together.  

Signs That Your Head Gasket Needs Repair:

Head gasket leaks and any other issue with different engine components can be difficult to deal with. Our shop has all the equipment such as gasket sealants and will ensure that we check your vehicle’s service manual before our service. Any issues with the spark plugs, intake manifold, or block and cylinder can be easily taken care of by us. Here are some signs that you may need to get your head gasket repaired:

It is a good idea to schedule an appointment with us if you are experiencing head gasket failures. Our technicians at Lone Star Automotive and Diesel in Boerne are knowledgeable with anything related to the cooling system, gasket sealing, the combustion chamber, and the radiator cap. We will only charge you for only the necessary services and will work with you to ensure that the repair cost remains affordable for you.

Lone Star Automotive and Diesel - Your Trusted Shop for Head Gasket Repair

When the time comes to bring your vehicle in for repairs, you can bring your car to Lone Star Automotive and Diesel in Boerne. We perform services in all aspects of all auto repair, including Suspension Work, scheduled maintenance, and tune-ups, and Diesel and Truck Repair. Repairing a blown head is a simple procedure that we can accomplish. Since 2012, we have taken a dignified and sensitive approach to auto repair, treating each and every customer with respect. We are very transparent about the services we think your vehicle needs and will never recommend any service that isn't absolutely necessary. If you are in the 78006 area or nearby, don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Lone Star Automotive and Diesel today! Reasons You Should Do Business With Us:

To make an appointment with Lone Star Automotive and Diesel in Boerne, you can give us a call at 830-331-9944 or do so online. Lone Star Automotive and Diesel - Getting Your From Point A to Point B Safely.

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